The Visual Language Library® grew out of our love for the illustration resources we had collected for our own work as a graphic and packaging design firm. After we gained experience in researching, locating and licensing rare historical gems we became devoted to uncovering more of the kind of high quality historical imagery that would potentially be very useful to other designers, as well as artists and publishers working on all kinds of advertising and communications projects.

In addition to locating and selecting the finest original material (from many different archives and collections worldwide), Visual Language meticulously prepares the images so that they are immediately ready for the design professional to use. Historical works on paper are the most fragile of antiques. When these treasures are found, they most often show many distressing signs of their journey through time. Because of our background as a professional design shop we can appreciate the kinds of quality demands made by the publishing and advertising industries. You'll find the images are richly detailed and cleanly presented in large file sizes.

During the past several years, Visual Language has earned a reputation for being the world’s highest quality source for digitally enhanced historical imagery. At this time, most of our images are available on CD-ROM as part of a subject-related collection. You may preview any of these collections by going to the “Collections” pages on this web site. As we continue to locate and perfect new and inspiring images, we will make them available first as single images for purchase online at Any of our images that are included in our CD collections may also be purchased and downloaded singly at that site.

To Summarize, Here's What We Offer

1. Amazing Content from five centuries of artistic and scientific pursuit specially selected from fine collections and archives from around the world. Many are exquisite and beautiful, some are imaginative and whimsical while others are scientific and detailed. All are a fascinating glimpse into the past and provide an interesting way to convey ideas today.

2. Superior Quality is derived from all stages of our meticulous production process. Original works are photographed onto large format transparencies, individually drum scanned at very high resolutions, expertly retouched and enhanced by dedicated and patient artists. Many images contain carefully hand-edited clipping paths.

3. Expanded Rights Licensing means once you purchase a Visual Language image or CD, it’s yours to use as often as you like for printed communications, the web, advertising or editorial projects, without additional fees. See our License Agreement for more details.

We enjoy hearing from you. Please let us know what kinds of images you would like to see in the future. Contact us by telephone at 1-888-708-8777, or for customers outside the continental United States, please send us an email at:

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