Visual Language Creative is an experienced, full service design firm, based in Los Angeles. The core of our service is in developing company and brand identity systems that speaks the most effective messages to our Client's customers in a consistent visual way. Toward this end, we also provide graphic design and photography for print and multimedia communications, product and packaging design, environmental and interior design. As a multi-disiplinary firm, we have the ability to integrate the many facets of an organization's visual communications, which extends well beyond the development of a trademark design. Indeed, everything that customers perceive visually, from an organization's trucks to its trade shows to signage to offices to brochures and products should ideally reinforce and strengthen its core message and identity. This is what will build brand recognition, and this is what Visual Language is uniquely qualified to integrate.

We have been honored with awards within the design community and have provided a full range of design services to companies in a wide range of industries, from medical products to foods, consumer electronics, financial services and leisure products. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your visual communication needs and how we may be of service.

And, as we are in love with the imagery within our own Visual Language Library collections, we would be honored to assist you in developing your products through licensing our imagery for resale. We understand print technologies and have extensive experience in structural and product design. Call us today at 888-708-8777, or email us at:

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